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Welcome, this site is a personal presentation of various subjects.  There are photo galleries of different subjects comprised of photos taken by the webmaster.  Included also are various links to favorite sites.  The site will have additions on a regular basis as the interest allows.  If you have interest in fishing, visit the "Outdoors" section tab below.  Please enjoy your visit and check back in each month for site updates.

July 2009 update:  Hot weather is now upon us, and we need more rain in our area.  Early morning walks are the order so as to avoid  unnecessary body overheating.  Trips to the local farmer's market provide for a great selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, my favorite being the non-cling peaches, green beans and new potatoes.

Fishing update:  Fishing has slowed down a bit due to the hot weather so that early morning and late afternoon is now the best time to go.  Fishing in the vicinity of reefs and shoals have been the most productive way to go in the salt water.  The inland waters are producing catches of flounder and croakers.  Red drum are moving in the marshes and will hit almost any lure presented to them, the catch must be between 18 and 28 inches with a limit of one per day per person.  

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Humming Birds

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